Ever since I was in middle school, I made websites for fun. This eventually led me to wanting to create my own mobile app while in high school. Through this, I was able to participate in an international business accelerator and complete a business plan class all before turning 17. Although this app was ultimately not successful, it has taught me how to prototype an app in a few hours, build a business model, and pushed me to further hone in on my technical skills while in college.

As a computer science major at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes in artificial intelligence, consumer science, and start-up methodologies. This has allowed me to dabble in a wide range of projects. From prototyping a facial recognition ATM for a large financial institution to leading mobile app development workshops, I’ve had the opportunity to truly develop my technical skills. Currently, I am the national ambassador of Pretty Brainy and developing an app to detect harmful ingredients in cosmetic products. My mission in life is to use my technical skills to empower people, especially women, to put their best work into the world, whether it be a website or an app.